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Harlem Gospel Wednesday Full Choir - Harlem Spirituals - Gospel and Jazz Tours Harlem Gospel Wednesday Choir Solist - Harlem Spirituals - Gospel and Jazz Tours Harlem Gospel Wednesday Houses Colorful - Harlem Spirituals - Gospel and Jazz Tours Harlem Gospel Wednesday Mosaic Mural - Harlem Spirituals - Gospel and Jazz Tours Harlem Gospel Wednesday Soul Food - Harlem Spirituals - Gospel and Jazz Tours

Harlem Góspel los miércoles con almuerzo

Código de producto: TGA3

Adulto: desde $115

Niño (Edad 3-11) : desde $89


Únase a nosotros para un viaje inolvidable por lugares y sonidos históricos de Harlem. Aprenda de los muchos logros e historia de su gente y vea un show Gospel en vivo. Finalice su gira con una experiencia "brunch" única con algunas de las mejores Comidas "Soul Food"!

Star Destacados

  • Tome una visita guiada por el histórico Harlem.
  • Vea famosos lugares de interés tales como el Teatro Apolo y el Cotton Club.
  • Asista a un oficio Gospel (Evangelio) de miércoles por la mañana.
  • Disfrute algunas de las mejores Comidas Soul para el almuerzo en el restaurante Sylvia.

More Detalles

Si usted no puede realizar la excursión el domingo, le brindamos la posibilidad de acompañarnos los miércoles. Dé un paseo por el encantador y elegante enclave "Sugar Hill", donde alguna vez vivieron varios músicos famosos, como el Duque Ellington. Así mismo, lo invitamos a conocer el legendario Teatro Apollo y el Centro Schomburg para la Investigación de la Cultura Negra.

En lugar del servicio evangélico de los domingos, usted tendrá la oportunidad de apreciar los coros Góspel de la asociación A.R.C. (Addicts Reahibilitation Center). Desde hace más de treinta años, A.R.C. ha ayudado a millones de personas a salir de la adicción a la droga. Su coro Góspel es el fruto de un gran trabajo en conjunto en donde los miembros del centro de desintoxicación dan prueba, a través de sus potentes voces, del emotivo testimonio de una experiencia que ha quedado en el pasado.

Finalice su gira con el almuerzo. Disfrute de una sabrosa comida en el famoso y delicioso restaurante Sylvia's Soul Food.

Calendar Horario

  • El tour se realiza todos los miércoles, mientras el clima lo permita.
  • Tour en inglés: salida a las 9:30 am.
  • Tours en francés, alemán, italiano y español: salida a las 9:00 am.
  • Duración del viaje: alrededor de 6 horas.
  • La duración del tour puede variar dependiendo de la duración del oficio de la iglesia.
  • Lugar de salida: 690 Octava Avenida.
  • Punto de retorno: zona de Times Square.
  • Por favor, venga a nuestro local e intercambie su bono con al menos 24 horas de antelación a la visita, y esté en el punto de embarque con al menos 15 minutos de anterioridad a la hora prevista para la salida.

Info Información

  • El tour está disponible en inglés, francés, alemán, italiano, y español, basado en el número de participantes para cada idioma.
  • La tarifa infantil aplica para niños entre 3 y 11 años.
  • Por respeto a los fieles, No se permite el uso de pantalones cortos, camisas sin mangas o chanclas.
  • El uso de cámaras y videocámaras es prohibido en la iglesia.
  • Para el acceso en sillas de ruedas, por favor contáctenos con al menos 1 mes de antelación.
  • Este tour no incluye bebidas adicionales, ni propinas voluntarias, ni traslado desde y hacia el hotel.
Calificaciones basadas en 21 Comentarios verificados
por Steve S @Tripadvisor
de Walsall , UK
Harlem tour and gospel service with brunch
Publicado 2015-08-24

A coach tour of areas of Harlem with a running commentary. Our excellent guide, Damien, kept us enthralled throughout. There is nothing better than a guide who is both knowledgable and enthusiastic for the subject and Damien was both of these. The tour was punctuated by a few stops, one of which was at a Gospel church service and this was all we had hoped it would be - wonderful! The whole morning was rounded of with (optional) brunch - at the Cotton Club no less - with yet more musical entertainment. Worth every penny and something I would recommend to anyone who has an interest in the history of Manhattan island and enjoys good gospel music

Dear Steve, Thank you for choosing Harlem Spirituals / New York Visions sightseeing tours. We truly value your feedback and thank you for posting it on trip advisor. We are very happy that you enjoyed our Harlem Gospel tour and will be sure pass along your wonderful message to our tour guide Damien. We hope to have the opportunity to welcome on some of our other neighborhood tours should return to New York City. Sincerely, Erika Elisabeth Vice President

por Tan_7 @Tripadvisor
de Melbourne , Australia
Nice Tour
Publicado 2015-12-21

I totally enjoyed my Harlem Spiritual tour. Our fantastic guide Ellen is a huge asset the company, she was patient, knowledgeable and friendly. The church was in The Bronx but we got to drive straight past the Yankee stadium, so that was a bonus. The before-hand tour of the older part of Harlem was very interesting too. The church service was nice, the locals friendly, it was less formal than what I was expecting. We didn't feel pressured to give an offering. The only part I enjoyed less was the stop on 125th street at the murals, but it was only a quick stop. A very enjoyable morning over all.

Dear Tan_7, We hope this message finds you well. We are glad you enjoyed your morning on our Harlem Gospel tour. We work with congregations that are based in the Bronx and I agree that seeing Yankee Stadium is definitely an added bonus! Ellen is a wonderful guide and we will be sure to share your comments with her. We truly appreciate your taking the time to post your feedback on Trip Advisor. Warm regards, Erika Elisabeth Vice President

por Di_Australia1302 @Tripadvisor
de Melbourne , Australia
Praise the tour!
Publicado 2016-07-06

What a great little tour this is. A little bit of Harlem heritage including a trip to the Apollo theatre followed by an hour of the gospel singing. Truly worth it - singing is amazing regardless of your spiritual or religious bent. Tour guide was a little annoying but chilled out as the tour progressed. A must for every NYC tourist

Hi Di_Australia 1302 ! You've come a long way and we are honored that you have chosen Harlem Spirituals / New York Visions Sightseeing Tours. Seems like your guide was a bit nervous at the start then pulled it together to give you a proper tour. We're only human…and we thank you for your patience. It is especially nice to read your comment about connecting with the gospel experience regardless of one's religion. Your recommendation and PRAISE means a lot to us ! Thank you for taking the time to write about your experience. Sincerely, Erika Elisabeth Vice president

por Fred H @Tripadvisor
de Glossodia , Australia
A real awesome experience
Publicado 2015-06-09

Not knowing what to expect after having heard so many negatives of the area, we thoroughly enjoyed seeing the beautification and peace that was Harlem. I can't praise our guide Sheila more. She was so articulate and informative and went to great lengths to ensure all aboard the bus experienced her Burrough in he best possible way. Then the church experience, again something I'd seen on TV but to see first hand the preaching and worshipping ways was wonderful. A truly great experience, and a real highlight....thank you Shiela, I could've sat on the bus all day to listen to you speak...

Greetings from New York City Fred H! We realize that there are many sightseeing tour options and we thank for choosing Harlem Spirituals /New York Visions. We take great pride in the neighborhood tours that we offer throughout New York City so you cannot imagine how thrilled we are to hear from you. We have passed along your lovely comments to our tour guide Sheila. Thank you for taking the time to write about our Harlem Gospel tour on trip advisor. Sincerest regards, Erika Elisabeth Vice president

por roXxy105 @Tripadvisor
de Perth , Australia
A great tour and surprisingly moving and Wed is for tourists
Publicado 2014-10-01

The tour was well organised w a knowledgeable guide (from Alabama). It was interesting to hear about the different groups of people who have shaped and built NYC. The tour on Wednesdays is for tourists because of demand and interest and I loved it all. The gospel singers at the modest Baptist Church are part of a drug rehabilitation program and this is part of their program. The people at the church engaged the whole audience very quickly in the singing with the final song Hallelujah. Yes they did pass round a basket for donations but I don't think people felt pressured to contribute. I was surprisingly moved by the experience. The singers were really great. Driving around Harlem was interesting and again made me appreciate my home.

Thank you RoXxy105 for sharing your review on TripAdvisor! We are glad you enjoyed our tour of Harlem and your visit at the Church. At Harlem Spirituals, we try to offer authentic, meaningful, and off-the-beaten path experiences to our guests and we are happy you felt moved by the A.R.C. choir. This is a truly unique experience. We hope to see you again next time you visit New York! -Karoll R.

por Judi M @Tripadvisor
de Weston super Mare , UK
The highglight of my trip
Publicado 2014-10-14

What can I say?! I loved this tour - seeing the Apollo Theatre was really brilliant but the visit to the the Friendly Church in the Bronx was fabulous! Those voices! The musical director/conductor had the most incredible voice - such a great experience and such friendly people. And to those who say it's orchestrated for money, if you go to church there is always a collection so stop moaning - it's normal. I was really disappointed we couldn't stay to the end, although I noticed I was the only one who stood up and rocked. Their loss! If only I had something like that near me! Thank you so much to all concerned - you're amazing! X

Dear Judi M, What can we say? We absolutely loved your post! So many reviewers seem to be surprised by the collection at the church although we mention that they are not required to participate as donations are already made by Harlem Spirituals. This is a normal function of churches that use donations to fund programs like food pantries for thoseless fortunate. Needless to say we are so thrilled that you had such a great time on tour. Thank you for sharing your wonderful insight. Sincerest regards, Erika Elisabeth Vice President

por KJackson428 @Tripadvisor
de Peoria , USA
Best Tour!
Publicado 2014-09-08

Able to see and learn about Harlem - got off bus in a couple stops and final stop at White Rock Baptist Church who graciously opened their doors for us to be a part of their service. Amazing singing and praising God!

Dear Ms Jackson, We are thrilled to read that you enjoyed our Harlem Gospel Tour. We really appreciate your sharing this post on trip advisor. Best regards, Erika Elisabeth Harlem Spirituals /New York Visions

por Jane F.

Publicado 2016-07-01

Excellent tour, really enjoyed it. Well worth doing the brunch also, that was a highlight, the soul food.

por Antonio C @Tripadvisor
de Paris , France
Un Gospel Tour formidable
Publicado 2016-04-24

Une ballade en car dans Harlem avec un guide français très sympa, toutefois, les arrêts sont un peu courts. Le plus de la ballade, un gospel à l'église avec l'association ARC Gospel : un moment d'émotion formidable

Cher Antonio C, Nous sommes ravis de lire que notre Harlem gospel tour vous ait plu. Nos itinéraires ont été conçus pour permettre aux visiteurs d'avoir un aperçu global des quartiers que l'on visite dans l'espace d'une demi journée. Merci d'avoir partagé vos impressions sur notre tour sur le forum de Trip Advisor. Cordialement, Erika Elisabeth Vice-présidente

por Stephanie P @Tripadvisor
de Porto-Vecchio , France
A faire absolument !!!
Publicado 2016-05-10

Une découverte de Harlem en français, un guide très sympathique. Très gentil accueil lors de la messe gospel photos autorisées. Une ambiance sympathique on a dansé, chanté et beaucoup d'émotions ressenties. A conseiller vivement

Chère Stéphanie P, C'est avec beaucoup de plaisir que nous recevons votre message. Nous vous remercions pour votre recommandation de notre Harlem Gospel tour. Harlem Spirituals / New York visions propose des expériences uniques pour les visiteurs à travers les divers quartiers de New York City. N'hésitez pas à nous contacter pour vos futurs projets de séjour à NY. Cordialement, Erika Elisabeth Vice-présidente

por vincent226 @Tripadvisor
de Merignac , France
Très Pro
Publicado 2015-12-21

En choisissant ce prestataire, nous avons pu découvrir NYC de façon différente, confortable avec une guide francophone, sympa, dans un bus agréable et visiter des lieux emblématiques de ce quartier de NY. L'Appolo, participer à une messe gospel, apercevoir le yankee Stadium, visiter des endroits atypiques dans un environnement agréable.

Cher Vincent226, Nous vous remercions d'avoir partagé votre avis sur notre tour de Harlem avec messe Gospel sur trip advisor. Nos tours ont été conçus pour sortir hors des sentiers battus et vous faire découvrir le vrai New York. Nous sommes reconnaissants du faite que vous avez choisi les excursions d'Harlem Spirituals / New York Visions pour agrémenter votre séjour à New York. Cordialement, Erika Elisabeth Vice-présidente

por Christine T @Tripadvisor
de Rungis , France
Visites de Manhattan et de Harlem
Publicado 2015-08-25

deux tours magnifiques qui nous ont permis de découvrir une partie de NY et me donne l'envie d'y revenir Toute la famille a beaucoup aimé les anecdotes et explications d'HELEN et de SERGE

Bonjour Christine, Nous vous remercions d'avoir partagé votre avis sur nos excursions de Manhattan et Harlem avec messe Gospel sur trip advisor. Nous tacherons surtout de transmettre votre message à nos guides! Il existe une vaste sélection de produits touristiques à New York City et nous sommes reconnaissants du faite que vous avez choisi les tours d'Harlem Spirituals / New York Visions pour agrémenter votre séjour. Nous serons ravis de vous faire découvrir d'autre quartiers de New York si vous revenez. Bien à vous, Erika Elisabeth Vice-présidente

por Emmanuel B @Tripadvisor
de Ruy , France
Messe Gospel
Publicado 2016-08-15

Un super tour avec un super guide. Nous nous attendions à avoir une simple visite d'une messe en gospel, et au final c'est tout un tour guidé avec un super guide auquel nous avons droit. Ce fut un des moments forts de notre voyage à New York

Bonjour Emmanuel, Merci pour votre message. Nous sommes honorés que notre Harlem Gospel tour fasse partie des temps forts de votre séjour à New York. Cordialement, Erika Elisabeth Vice-présidente

por Jonathan D @Tripadvisor
Harlem Spirituals
Publicado 2016-05-25

Bonjour nous avons visiter New York via Harlem Spirituals et je vous le dis franchement je vous le recommande, nous avons vu le Gospel, également fait la visite de New York en car et pleins d'autres choses et cela n'a été à aucun moment ennuyant mais au contraire on en voulait plus !!! Vraiment rien à dire sur eux de bon guide et de super explication et l'idéale ils parlent tous français donc cela est un peu plus facile pour ceux qui ne parlent pas anglais. Bon voyage et n'hésiter pas à les appeler pour avoir des informations.

Bonjour Jonathan, Un grand merci pour votre recommandation de nos services. Nous sommes ravis que vous avez sélectionné Harlem Spirituals / New York Visions pour découvrir New York City et nous vous remercions d' avoir partagé vos impressions sur nos excursions sur ce forum. Cordialement, Erika Elisabeth

por matiasav @Tripadvisor
de Buenos Aires , Argentina
Me gustó mucho
Publicado 2015-10-13

Contraté ésta excursión que incluía además un recorrido por Harlem. Y no me arrepiento. Antes de entrar a la Iglesia pasamos por el Teatro Apollo y recorrimos algunos barrios del Harlem. Además de conocer la Morris- Jumel Mansión y un hermoso parque detrás, ése recorrido lo hicimos caminando y fue muy interesante. El coro me encantó, es muy estridente y entusiasta. El guía hablaba español e italiano, e hizo la excursión muy amena.

Dear Matiasav, Thank you for selecting Harlem Spirituals / New York Visions tours. We appreciate your kind words and are happy that you enjoyed our Harlem Gospel tour. Best wishes, Erika Elisabeth Vice president

por matiasav @Tripadvisor
de Buenos Aires , Argentina
Imprescindible asistir a una misa gospel
Publicado 2011-12-14

Sorprendente por su hospitalidad, y por como viven la religión, asistir a una misa gospel en cualquiera de las diferentes iglesias de Harlem será una experiencia inolvidable.

por Annick T @Tripadvisor
de Bourgoin Jailleu , France
Excelente tour
Publicado 2014-03-20

Hicimos un tour por harlem, fantástico y sobre todo la guia, persona que va más allà del simple tour.

por giovanbattista z @Tripadvisor
de Roma , Italia
Il fascino del gospel vero
Publicado 2013-07-01

Girare per Harlem ti fa sentire parte di un sogno, di migliaia di film e telefilm, ti sentì parte di un mondo forse difficile ma di un fascino unico. Sono capitato in diverse chiese secondarie rispetto alla più nota, ma vi assicuro che ho sentito i brividi per tutta la messa e la partecipazione dei fedeli principalmente di colore... Suoni e movimenti che solo loro sanno fare e per questo impossibile da non vedere.

por thkotz @Tripadvisor
de Velden am Woerthersee , Österreich
Publicado 2013-09-21

Dopo aver girato per circa due ore ad Harlem,( mi sentivo una comparsa in uno dei tanti film girati in questo magnifico posto)sono entrato in una chiesa,sedendomi tra gli ultimi banchi insieme ad altra gente. Una sensazione fantastica e piena di calore umano,cosa che nelle nostre chiese non avviene. Bellissimo ed emozionante

por CFSouza @Tripadvisor
Muito bon
Publicado 2014-05-13

O bairro do Harlem é diferente do lado bem turista da cidade. ë um passeio diferente e que vale a pena. Os cultos religiosos são lindos, estilo gospel. Fiquei encantada.

Dear CFSouza, Thank you for sharing your impressions about our tour on TripAdvisor. We are very glad that you enjoyed discovering Harlem with us. It is a neighborhood that we love and we are happy to have had the chance to share our passion with you. We hope to see you again if you come back to New York so we can show you more of the City! Warm regards, Karoll R.


¡Gracias Harlem Spirituals! Hicieron de nuestra estadía en Nueva York una de nuestras mejores experiencias de viaje.

Carlos, España

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